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About us


in 2006, our company was founded in Bursa, PVC door and shutter systems production and erection issues. Our factory 1200 m2 covered area plants produced with the technological machinery. Our products and services available depend on the sense of unconditional customer satisfaction in our work thanks to the industry's demand, ambitious companies.


Our Quality Policy


We primarily target;
What makes us different from our competitors continued for years and other "PRODUCT and SERVICE QUALITY" policy to continuously improve the quality management system in accordance with the terms of and to pass on to you in the best conditions,
Rekabatin increases in the world and in our country to stand behind the aforementioned Word and preserve our dignity,
Both the national market, the international market to become the preferred brand of consumers first ...
Our mission
We Sir Glass family ourselves, within the framework of INTERNATIONAL QUALITY STANDARDS, EFFICIENCY, knowledge, creating a competitive advantage with the use of HIGH TECHNOLOGY, with a strong structure, FORMALIZING and FINANCIAL ASPECTS, national and international markets, PVC doors, Windows, blinds and are dedicated to providing quality service by producing INSECT SCREEN SYSTEMS.


Europe's no. 1 of PVC window profile manufacturer KÖMMERLİNG, always working on new ideas. The lead item in the past had very large contributions in the production of PVC. Especially used to achieve robustness. That makes him the most successful raw material. However; more successful instead of calcium-zinc raw materials that do not harm nature. Lead is used in place of the most important feature of the new stabilizer mix, with each stage is enhancing the quality of the window.


Bad Weather Conditions, Durability
Laboratory testing, calcium zinc stabilizer made of PVC profiles, more resistant to bad weather than others. Even the hardest experiments has kept the durability.


Greenline profiles always has a brighter image. As technical and optical quality of this profile that protects the brightness for a long time, at first glance it can be noticed, too.


Recycling Easy
There are no bullets in the future! The use of calcium-zinc stabilizers instead of bullets, greatly facilitates recycling.


1897 Karl Kömmerling Pirmasens in running it on shoe materials in an established business. After World War II, the use of rubber in the manufacture of glue, to create a revolution in the production of shoes of KÖMMERLİNG.


Construction of the first PVC KÖMMERLING in 1957 of the blinds to the pioneering in this area produce. After 10 years, so it is the first time in 1967, PVC window profiles production.


Today it is Europe's leading KÖMMERLİNG is a manufacturer of UPVC doors and Windows and the most extensive and long experience in the world. Pirmasesns outside the main factory in 5 separate production facility. These are France, Italy, Spain, the United States and China.


The importance of quality is too large for KÖMMERLING. PVC profile production, quality management, BSİ audit Institute and has a certificate from TÜV Cert. Kömmerling ' heat glass and Windows ' control laboratory is the only manufacturer to have. This laboratory has been accredited according to DIN EN 45001 German company Prüwesen GmbH is registered by. This sector is a very important detail that represents the assurance.


5 in the world manufacturing plant outside of KÖMMERLING Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, the Near East, Austria, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, South America, Egypt, Singapore, Turkey, Ukraine and the various fraternal organizations in the United States, sales offices and liaison offices in 20 countries.
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